Common Faults Of Flange

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Flange in the continuous production of modern industrial corrosion erosion by the medium temperature and pressure vibration, the influence of such factors as inevitably leak problems due to the sealing surface machining error of the size, packing element aging and improper installation fastening easily to leakage of the flange of the flange leakage problem, if not timely treatment under the scour of medium can make leakage expanded rapidly, resulting in loss of materials, production environment, lead to stop production enterprise, cause huge economic loss if it is poisonous and harmful flammable and explosive medium leakage, and may cause fire explosion and poisoning accidents.

Traditional methods to solve the leakage of flange for the replacement of sealing components and daub sealing glue or replacement of the flange and pipe, but this method has a lot of limitations, and some leakage from the safety of working environment restriction and cannot solve the field current polymer composite materials may be used for the containment, the application of more mature system of blessed the blue it is a ideal method, especially in inflammable and explosive occasions, more show its unique superiority in polymer composites technology construction technology is simpleSafety, and low cost, can solve most of the flange leakage problems for the enterprise, eliminate safety risks, save more maintenance costs for the enterprise.

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