Features Of Gate Valves

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1. Light weight

The body is made of advanced ductile iron, the weight is reduced by about 20%~30% than the traditional gate valve weight, and the installation and maintenance is convenient.

2. Flat-bottomed gate

The traditional gate valve is often in the wash pipe after the external objects such as stone, wood blocks, cement, iron chips, debris and so on deposited in the valve bottom groove, easy to cause can not close tight and form a leakage phenomenon, elastic seat seal gate valve at the bottom of the same flat bottom design with the water pipe machine, not easy to cause debris siltation, so

3. Overall Adhesive

The gate uses high quality rubber for the whole internal and external glue, the European rubber vulcanization technology makes the vulcanized gate can guarantee the precise geometrical size, and the rubber and the spherical ink casting gate is then firm, not easy to fall off and elastic memory is good.

4. Precision Casting Valve Body

The valve body uses precision casting, the precise geometrical size makes the valve body inside without any finishing can ensure the sealing of the valve.

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