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China valve industry chain is numerous, but non-valve power. On the whole, China has entered the ranks of the world valve power, but from the point of view of product quality China is still a long way from the valve power. Industry production concentration is low, high-end products matching the valve research and development ability is low, the valve industry manufacturing technology level is low and other phenomena still exist, the import and export trade deficit is expanding.

Next a few years will be the high speed concussion period of valve industry, the direct consequence that this kind of high speed concussion brings is to bring about the trend that the polarization in brand camp of valve ambry expands. It is expected that the next few years can really survive in the market valve enterprises absolutely do not have so many. But this kind of high speed concussion of valve industry will bring huge opportunity, the result of concussion will make market operation more rational.

The road of localization of high-end valve is extremely "bumpy". Basic components have become a short board restricting the high-end development of China's manufacturing industry. During the 12th five-year plan period, the government will continue to increase the localization of high-end equipment components. Here, we select the representative valves of several key industries mentioned in the implementation plan for the feasibility analysis of import substitution. From the analysis, we can see that the feasibility of valve import substitution in various sub-industries is very different, high-end valves need more policy guidance and scientific research support.

Valve industry plays a very important role in the development of national economy as an important link of preparation manufacturing industry. Because our country domestic valve manufacturing level compared with the international advanced level there is still a certain gap, a lot of high parameter, the key to high temperature and high pressure, high class valves have been dependent on imports, in order to push the valve localization, in the state council issued the several opinions about accelerate the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, the relevant state departments according to the requirements of the countries of major equipment localization, has made a series of major deployment, and led by national development and reform commission (NDRC), China machinery industry federation and China general machinery industry association, the deployment to formulate the relevant major equipment in the field of valve localization plan, and coordinate with related departments for many times, Now valve localization in the domestic valve industry has formed a consensus.

Actively adopt international standards for product design; Absorbing foreign excellent design structure; Product testing and performance testing shall be carried out in strict accordance with international standards; Absorb foreign production process experience and pay attention to the research and application of new materials; Making clear the technical parameters and working conditions of imported high-parameter valve products is the way to accelerate the process of localization, promote valve products to be updated constantly and realize the localization of valves comprehensively.

The quickening pace of valve industry restructuring, the future industry will be the valve product quality and product competition between brands, products to high technology, high parameter, strong corrosion resistance, high life direction, it is only through constant technical innovation, develop new products, technical renovation, in order to gradually improve the level of product technology, to meet the domestic equipments, comprehensive localization of the valve. China's valve manufacturing industry in the huge demand environment, will present a better prospect for development.

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